75mm Scale | 1/24 Scale

  • From the fjords he hails. A land where the mountains stab the heavens, where the sun fears the moon and a frozen wind under an obsidian sky is the most love a man may ever know. He is the Indomitable Goliath, the stone spirit of the north. Whatever great brutes dare roam in his haunt, be it in the skies like the great winged eagle, whose wing beats stir the heavens, or ruling nature on the ground as the mighty devil ape, whose foot falls quake the earth, there is but one that all creatures must fear - the bane of beasts, the all father of the hunt and the one who knows no quarry that cannot be quelled - he is Hrungnir Hammerheart, the true apex predator of the north!

    Currently out of stock.
    This edition of Hrungnir Hammerheart is strictly limited to 250 high quality grey resin casts.
    Figures are sold unassembled and unpainted, and may require some clean up.

    Scale: 75mm | 1/24
    Height: 167mm to spear tip
    Material: High Quality Grey Resin
    Parts: 27 Including base
    Edition Size: 250
    Sculpt: Sheridan Doose
    Casting: Spawning Pool Studios
    Description: Dylan Doose

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