75mm Scale | 1/24 Scale

  • A young girl is taken from her village and made a slave.
    A young girl is broken only to be reforged by the fires of rage.

    She will rise, and before their eyes, the slave will become a gladiator. An Icon. 
    "Alma! Alma! Alma!" The crowd of the Coliseum cries out and watches as for nine long years, with sword and shield, with spear and axe and fist, she paints the sand red. She perfects her art. One short of four hundred fights, one short of four hundred victories, she steps onto the sand for one last time - the stakes: freedom or death. Alma grins as the gate rises and into the arena lumbers the great cyclopean behemoth, its maw gaping and hungry for death, its eye blood shot and frenzied.

    Alma Magnus, Indomitable Gladiator, is not afraid.
    A massive block of stone to be carved.
    She can visualize the outcome, her final masterpiece.
    They will witness my Magnum Opus.

    Currently out of stock.

    This edition of Alma Magnus comes cast in 11 high quality grey resin pieces, and is a limited edition of 150.

    Figures are sold unassembled and unpainted, and may require some clean up.

    Scale: 75mm | 1/24 Scale
    Height: 100mm base to hair
    Material: High Quality Grey Resin
    Parts: 11 (Base included)
    Edition Size: Cast to order
    Sculpt: Sheridan Doose
    Casting: Spawning Pool Studios
    Description: Dylan Doose
    Print: Ownage

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