1/7 Scale

  • "Nothing is too far in this place, no fate too cruel. One day I will pay for all I have done and I am ready for that price. I am ready for anything, because in truth, I have come to believe this is all just some horrid dream, a dream without limits to its depravity."
    - Butcher, Catacombs of Time

    Currently out of stock.

    This edition of Butcher comes with a free e-book download of Catacombs of Time, by Dylan Doose. A download link will be emailed to you!

    Figures are sold unassembled and unpainted, and may require some clean up.

    Scale: 260mm | 1/7
    Height: 94mm handle to hat
    Material: High Quality Grey Resin
    Parts: 3 (Base not included)
    Edition Size: Cast to order
    Sculpt: Sheridan Doose
    Casting: Spawning Pool Studios
    Photos: Shanon Fujioka
    Character: Dylan Doose
    Print: Impresion 3DA

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